Tamara Zentgraf

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Tamara moved to Massachusetts in 1990.  During her tenure at Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehab hospital in Boston as a physical therapist, she became experienced treating chronic pain, ills associated with PTSD and traumas, musculo-skeletal dysfunction and maladies connected to stress, anxiety and depression. While working as a physical therapist at Spaulding Rehab hospital, Tamara integrated Reiki with conventional medicine and was given the opportunity to teach Reiki to fellow clinicians and those from the community.  She is a Physical Therapist, a Reiki Master-Teacher and Shamanic practitioner with a deep belief that healing occurs on many levels within our body, mind and spirit.   Tamara brings to her healing sessions 30+ years experience, a listening ear and a compassionate heart.

Heather Zentgraf

Growing up, Heather was a competitive dancer and began teaching dance at the age of 16.  As she grew into adulthood, the desire to help others and to make a difference grew in her.  While exploring her options, an open house at Bancroft School of Massage changed her life.  

Heather has been a massage therapist for 25 years.  She has worked in spas, clinics and with private clients.  She is passionate about her family, her work and helping people feel their best.  She loves the fact that she can make a difference.  To Heather, it is an honor to have others trust her with their wellness.

Heather has a broad knowledge of various modalities including Swedish massage, deep tissue, cupping, trigger point therapy and stretching.  She will incorporate into a session whatever her client needs.

Heather is looking forward to working with you!