Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing has been practiced for thousands of years.  It is a path that helps us discover our true essence; our true selves.  It can be incorporated into a Reiki session or used alone to address and find clarity with life's challenges and provide insight into your spiritual journey.  

Services provided in-person, include:

*Space/House Clearing

*Soul Retrieval



*Power Animal Retrieval

*Shamanic Journeying

Price varies, please inquire

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki translates into "universal" and "life force".  It is an ancient, hands-on energy healing technique which can be received lying fully clothed on a ma​ssage table or sitting up in a chair.  It will complement other therapies or used alone to improve health, increase tranquility and generalized wellness.

50 min./$75

30 min./$40

Transformational Package:  

4 visits $259

Reiki Classes

In- person Reiki ​​classes are available including all levels:  I. II, IIIA Master and IIIB Master-Teacher.  Please inquire if interested in learning more

about this ancient, holistic energy healing technique.  For class description, please scroll down.

**Class schedule 2023:

**(subject to change)

Jan. 14, Level 1 (Lancaster, MA)

Feb. 18, Level 1 (Watertown, MA)

Mar. 18, Level II (Lancaster, MA)

Apr 29, Level 1 (Watertown, MA)

May 20, Level 1 (Lancaster, MA)

Jun 10, Level II (Watertown, MA)

To register, please venmo your non-refundable $ 50 deposit to:

@tamara-zentgraf  OR

mail check made out to:

Tamara Zentgraf 

155 Seven Bridge rd

Lancaster MA  01523

Deposit holds your place in class and is applied to tuition.

In a Reiki Level 1 class you will:

-  Learn the history and philosophy of Reiki

-  Receive the channel opening attunements

-  Learn the self-treatment hand positions

-  Learn the hand positions for treating others

-  Practice giving a Reiki Treatment

-  Receive a complete Reiki treatment

-  Receive hand-outs of hand positions and Reiki principles

-  Learn professional ethics, licensing requirements and hygiene

-  Receive information on Reiki II and III

Tuition is $175.  Class size limited.

Certification as Reiki I Practitioner

In a Reiki Level II class you will:

-  Learn how to accelerate your healing capacity

-  Learn how to send healing from a distance

-  Learn how to do mental/emotional healing

-  Receive further attunement and hand-outs

-  Practice professional client interview, including mental-emotional healing process

-  Receive information about Reiki Master training

Tuition is $350.  Class size limited.  Certification as a Reiki II  Practitioner

Level IIIA Master

Level IIIB Master-Teacher

These classes are held 1:1.

Please inquire for scheduling and tuition fees for levels IIIA and IIIB




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