I am a practitioner with over 30+ years of healing experience.  My purpose is to empower you to reach your full healing potential becoming the best version of yourself that you can be!

I now have offices in Watertown and Lancaster, MA to accommodate 

 Boston and Central Massachusetts clients and students.

 Let me help you to begin living your best life NOW!

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Reiki is a hands-on form of energy healing that works on mind, body and spirit.  Gentle, non-invasive with results for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, general wellness and so much more!

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If you have experienced trauma, need clarity regarding a difficult situation or are yearning to deepen your connection to spirit, a S​ham​anic  healing​ session may be for you.  You will receive practical insight and pragmatic solutions to apply to your life and your spiritual journey.

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"I've been having issues with my blood pressure since January, 2022.  I've tried changing my diet, new supplements and acupuncture.  Ever since my First Degree Reiki class my blood pressure has dropped by 10 points

(top and bottom numbers).   This has not happened in almost a year!  I have no idea if it's related, but I haven't done anything different except for take the Reiki class."  

Samantha, a happy Reiki Student

Central  MA

"During my first Reiki session with Tamara, I noticed all the "wirey" tension melt from my body.  I left feeling calm yet energized at the same time.  I sleep better, feel more connected to my body and what it needs to be healthy.  I am looking forward to Reiki being a big part of my healing journey over the next several months... Thank you!"

Linda M.  Framingham, MA

"After the session, I felt so calm and grounded, and I slept better than I have in a long, long time! Without a doubt, it was the best Reiki session I've ever had."

Carol R.,  MA

"Yesterday was such a wonderful day! Honestly, I can't say thank you enough​!"

Sarah T., Leominster, MA

after her First Degree Reiki class​

"Reduces my back pain and I sleep much better after having a Reiki treatment."

Frank, Central MA

"I really liked the warm and personable atmosphere.  I think the course was a perfect balance of didactic vs hands-on instruction."

Alexandra, First Degree Reiki student

"After my Reiki session with Tamara, I felt like I'd had an energy re-boot."

Judy S., Watertown, MA